Meet Sarah Merusi Danyau

Sarah Merusi hails from New York with a background in leadership development. She spent five years working at Wharton Business School where she ran over forty international expeditions and leadership development programs for Undergraduate and MBA students. Sarah managed these global partnerships designing unique trainings for the classroom and the field. Later she shifted her focus to expedition vessels and has logged over 380 days on board, primarily in polar regions. Her roles aboard ships have included Staff Trainer and Assessor, Assistant Expedition Leader, Naturalist, and small boat Captain. In 2019, Sarah designed and co-led a 24-day training academy for expedition guides and Zodiac skippers. She is also a certified ‘Senior Polar Guide’ and ‘Assessor’ with the Polar Tourism Guides Association. When Sarah is not at sea, she works as an international consultant for the United Nations specializing in learning, training, and knowledge management. She has authored several UN Women publications and developed content for eLearning modules. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania.