Research & Development

We can help you build new - or improve existing - products and infrastructure related to coastal maritime operations, products and services.

The experts at Dresser Marine know what works on the water, what does not, how to develop concept designs, and how to put prototypes through the paces at sea. Because of this, we are uniquely poised to conduct extensive research and to develop maritime operations and services.

From developing conceptual sketches to trying new approaches to seafarer training, we have a track record in taking concept from idea to successful product.

Dresser Marine's R&D project history includes designing innovative training platforms and clinics, breaking ground in the realm of high speed jet propelled commercial towing, and designing from scratch an underwater mud-line cutting saw to harvest and remove derelict piers, pilings and standing snags.

Our capacities span from the surface with the likes of towing, marine first response, and crew transfers, to shoreside logistics and communications, and all the way deep underwater for diving, dredging and data collection support.

Career Captain/engineers lead the Dresser Marine charge to achieve the ultimate design and deliver innovative products to our clients.


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