Consulting Services

Captain Kent Dresser offers various consulting services, drawing on his decades-long history in the marine industry, as well as creating specialized training programs, and extensive expertise in marine logistics.

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Expert Witness

Captain Kent Dresser's unparalleled real-world expertise and credibility is available to provide unbiased opinions, knowledge and critical insights for legal proceedings.

Expert witnesses in diverse fields such as his settle more disputes than ever before while understanding the nuances of intricate vessel operations, shoreside managerial decisions, and the applications of advanced navigational technology.

Captain Kent's aim is to help clients avoid the courts by getting to the root of the matter, expediently.

Accident Investigation

Captain Kent Dresser is available on a retainer basis as needed for underwriters and others with such need.

Captain Kent's experience with legal support extends to:

  • Criminal defense
  • Vessel collision, grounding and capsize
  • State and local municipal proceedings
  • Industries including fisheries and commercial vessel rentals
  • Dredge, dive and salvage operations
  • Towing incidents
  • Municipal and State police and first response support
Research & Development

Captain Kent Dresser can help you build new – or improve existing – products and infrastructure related to coastal maritime operations, products and services.

Captain Kent's R&D project history includes:

  • Designing innovative training platforms and clinics
  • Breaking ground in the realm of high speed jet propelled commercial towing
  • Designing from scratch an underwater mud-line cutting saw to harvest and remove derelict piers, pilings and standing snags

His capacities span from the surface with the likes of towing, marine first response, and crew transfers, to shoreside logistics and communications, and all the way deep underwater for diving, dredging and data collection support.

Safety Consultation

Captain Kent Dresser has an exemplary track record of writing and creating:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Emergency drill protocols
  • Vessel management systems
  • Bow-to-stern safety audits

Captain Kent ensures that maritime companies stay in compliance with safety standards and regulations and that employees are engaged in the process every step of the way.

Custom Training

In bespoke client programs, Captain Kent Dresser has built specialized trainings for:

  • Leadership development
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Workboat operations
  • National trade associations
  • Crew orientation, familiarization, and on-boarding
  • Marine first responders
  • Tactical vessel ops
  • New build delivery and vessel specific crew training


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